el yoga mola Yoga Accessories with Quality and Nice Design

Yoga for modern yogis

Thank you India for giving us one of your most precious gifts: YOGA.

We learn from their roots, their teachers, their books …

But we, as modern yogis, adapt its precepts and guides to our time.

This adaptation is necessary and vital for yoga to remain alive and more present than ever.

Being a yogi is not a belief, being a yogi is a lifestyle.

We are yogis, modern yes, but yogis.


design, quality and sustainability

How it all started?
Back in 2.018, the Universe conspired to lead me to create El Yoga Mola. The main premises were and continue to be: design, quality and sustainability.

Passion moves everything

Hi! I am Noelia, creator and director of El Yoga Mola. I tell you a secret? I am quite shy, that is why you will see few images of me on the networks.

I am a fashion designer and yoga teacher, and uniting my two great passions, El Yoga Mola was born.
When I turned 30, yoga broke into my life and turned everything that my head had established. Since then yoga has been my life mission.
Yoga Mola obeys a gratitude for all the good that yoga has given me.
As a modern yogini that I am, I try to capture in my designs everything that surrounds me, vibrates me, and makes me evolve.

I take care of every detail when creating a mat, I look for the best qualities at responsible prices.

Along with me there is a team of professionals who make El Yoga Mola a benchmark brand at a European level.

We have a lot of ideas and a lot of energy put into El Yoga Mola. And thanks to you they are taking shape day by day.

If you are reading this, I am sure that you also vibrate at my same frequency.
Thank you very much for stopping by!