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One of the pillars of El Yoga Mola is to contribute to the conservation and improvement of the planet. That is why when we learned about the Oxizonia project, we fell in love.

They have a clear, close and accessible project, which is vital for us as a brand and for you as consumers.

When we design and manufacture our yoga accessories, we take into account that the materials are environmentally friendly and sustainable.

But we also want to contribute something more to our beloved planet Earth.

Desde el 1 de Junio de 2.021, El Yoga Mola allocates 1% of your purchase to conserve the Amazon thanks to the NGO Oxizonia.

ngo amazon


Oxizonia is an NGO located in Elche (Alicante).

And why do we call it the Green Project? Oxizonia is doing a commendable job in the Amazon both for its conservation and its reforestation.

It also has small local projects to help with the reforestation of devastated areas or with little flora.

Oxizonia has been dedicated to the conservation of the Amazon for more than 10 years, through the «adoption» of a forest area of ​​high biodiversity in the Peruvian Amazon, in the Manu National Park, more specifically in the «Chontachaka» ecological reserve.

One of the great problems facing our planet is deforestation. In other words, the forests of our planet are decreasing day by day. One of the main reasons for deforestation is illegal logging.

Illegal logging is the illegal activity to obtain resources from the forests, in breach of the existing legal norms that govern forest extraction and protect the natural heritage.

The World Bank estimates that losses of more than $ 5 trillion are generated annually due to illegal logging of timber products, as well as an additional $ 10 trillion from related forest crimes. This illegal activity affects more than 70 countries, including Brazil, Canada, Cameroon, Indonesia, the Philippines, Russia and Peru. Peru ranks ninth worldwide in forest area, with 78.8 million. According to the Minister of the Environment Antonio Brack, the country loses 150,000 hectares of forest annually.

a) Expansion of the agricultural frontier in lands suitable for forestry.
b) Granting of titles for agricultural properties on forest lands and permanent production forests.
c) Lack of political decision.
d) Lack of alternatives for local populations.
e) High demand for high commercial value wood.
f) Considerable corruption and absence of exemplary sanctions

If we all collaborate with our little grain of sand, we are sure that we will achieve a better world for ourselves and for our descendants.

You can learn more about the Oxizonia Green Project by visiting their website: